We at Williams, McClernan & Stack LLC hope you and your families are getting by and learning new ways of living during this difficult time.  If you have lost employment, either as an employee or freelance worker (self-employed, independent contractor or "gig worker") you may be entitled to unemployment benefits you were not previously eligible for.  Such individuals, with some exceptions, will be eligible if they have been unable to work due to the need to care for children out of school and for other reasons.  This benefit will apply retroactively to January 27, 2020, at the earliest and continue for 39 weeks or until the end of this year.  Furthermore, those employees previously eligible for unemployment benefits may receive an additional $600 per week on top of current benefits, as well as an additional 13 weeks of eligibility.  For more information and to initiate an application for benefits go to http://labor.maryland.gov/employment/unemployment.shtml.  

Joshua S. Brewster, Esquire
Williams, McClernan, & Stack LLC