Williams, McClernan, & Stack LLC can help with your guardianship case.

Do you know someone who is no longer able to make personal or financial decisions due to a disability, illness or addiction?  Whether he or she is a parent, grandparent or child with a disability, the firm of Williams, McClernan & Stack is here to help you through the judicial process of obtaining guardianship so that you have the legal capacity to assist them in making important health and financial decisions.  The guardianship process can be complicated and technical, so you will need the experience of Southern Maryland’s only woman-owned law firm to guide you.  WMS is a family-centered firm assisting families at each point in their journey—from marriage, adoption, divorce, estate planning, guardianship and estate administration.  Our fees are competitive and can often be paid from the assets of the individual in need of guardianship.  If you have a loved one in need of a legal guardian, call us today to schedule a free consultation.